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Dr. Pillay is a contemporary renaissance man. His ground breaking work in neurosciences and its application to bringing coaching, biology, psychology and spirituality into a “whole” focus speaks not only to his amazing intellectual capacities but also to his humanity. His ambitions in this work are inspirational. His work is of great value to a great many people in a great many ways.

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Srini is passionate about his field of expertise and freely shares his knowledge and experience for the benefit of others. He has the chemical name for cialis ability to make technical, mostly overwhelming concepts easy to understand and apply. The level of knowledge that Srini has is admirable and his passion for it is contagious. He is highly professional and discount buy viagra has a special talent for connecting with people. He is always on the look-out for new challenges and ways to bring the wonders of neuro-science and coaching to others, resulting in the NeuroBusiness Group and the number of initiatives embarked on. It is a privilege to work with him and be associated with the NeuroBusiness Group.

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Srini's work in the field of Neuroscience and its application through Neurocoaching is, in and of itself, significant. His dynamic engagement style and cost of cialis at walgreen ability to help those of ordering viagra from uk reviews us mere mortals to "get it" enables us to expand our capacity to achieve more and better...and for those of us who coach or otherwise contribute through others, we can impact our world's with even more significant effect. 

Spending time with Srini is time well spent.

Hendre Coetzee: President of the 90 Day Turn System

Having worked with Srini in a couple of countries and different contexts my own learning of the Neuroscience has not only sky rocketed but I have used tons of new tools in both my coaching practice and the training of coaches that we do.  We now have a greater understanding of how our brain either serves our quest to develop and exercise our potential or how we have trained it (or allowed it to be trained) to keep us from that very potential.
One of generic cialis price compare the greatest pitfalls in our era of personal development is our infatuation with potential or the rush our Amygdala produces when we see possibility. In executive coaching today many novice coaches settle for that illusion of breakthrough when we “see” new potential or even take some ownership of our current reality. That moment when things make sense and we “get it” .
We settle for “understanding” when something much more powerful is available if we are willing to do the very cheap viagra work. The keys to transformation are hidden deeper beyond the illumination experience in a process of development when we exercise and develop new maps in our brain to develop new behaviors. And this is “work” in fact it is Brain Science work.  The breakthroughs in understanding the neuroscience and buy viagra and overseas our behavior allows us to design more sophisticated and scientific ways to design transformational processes for our clients and what is more these changes last. They last because we have done more than expose sabotaging synapses – we have developed by process new neuro-pathways for our clients to design other possibilities and behaviors.
Another great key of leverage that is presented by the research and development of neuroscience and leadership is it allows our client to take ownership and responsibility for their brain functioning and therefore behavior without getting stuck in an identity conversation. – I am more than my brain and generic viagra warnings I can develop my brain.  The research in plasticity is fascinating and incredibly exciting as we embark to develop great leaders that are visionary, emotionally connected and continually developing new pathways in not only their business enterprise but also their own mental ability to generate creative ideas and options to our complex world.  There are so many possibilities to be discovered and realized.

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