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Every person within an organization has a leadership role. Learning how the brain impacts various corporate functions is vital.

What topics can we train and coach on?

Below is a list of fast generic cialis topics that address core competencies in various domains.  It is important to recommended cialis pills dosage note that both the training and coaching are highly experiential and each concept has a matched exercise that is relevant to the specific work that is being addressed

High stakes leadership
Here, we address how leaders can optimize their brain function when the brain is taken over by fear, anxiety and stress.  This involves more than simply “control” as the making viagra last “command and control” systems of the brain have to interact with powerful emotions, and control fatigue that can impact decisions and efficiency.  How can people function  more effectively by understanding the conscious and viagra substitute over the counter unconscious factors that stand in their way?
Employee Motivation
Being motivated requires several brain-based faculties to be in place. People have to feel motivated from the inside and outside to do their best.  When life feels like a drudgery, what can employees do to change their brain function and how can leaders help them achieve this?
Leading Change
Change is easy to see on the outside, but when do you know that you have successfully adapted to buy cialis online dream pharmaceutical real change vs. shifting deck-chairs on the Titanic?  Also, what can you do to increase your brain’s power to commit to change?  How can you overcome your brain’s resistance to change?
Managing Uncertainty
Studies show that uncertainty impacts decision-making and that it can also impact fairness.  In these volatile times, how can employees and leaders deal with the perils of uncertainty and still focus and concentrate?  And why is even a successful effort at concentrating not enough to ensure success?
Being rigid has little place in today’s changing economy.  How can you enhance your brain’s ability to sense and compare generic cialis respond? What process can you put in place to remain agile as a company, team or individual?
Idea to Action
Ideas are a dime a dozen, but what does it take to bring people to execution and to do this efficiently?  How does the brain convert ideas to action and how can you leverage this capability in practical ways?
Team Alignment
What constitutes and effective team and how can brain science increase team alignment?  Also, how can you work with teams to help deepen the commitment to the team and simultaneously increase work flow and productivity?
Diversity and Inclusion
The human brain manages prejudice in unconscious ways – in terms of race, gender and over the counter viagra alternatives personality types.  How do you work with an optimist and a pessimist on the same team? How do you work with extroverts and introverts on the same team? Hoe does brain science play into this?  And what are the most reliable generic viagra practical applications to your teams?
Women in Business
Women comprise the majority of the corporate workforce but only 3% of women are CEOs of major companies.  What does the research tell us about what determines this glass ceiling for women, and how brain science can help us understand this?
Burnout is simply job fatigue – it starts out much earlier with fake smiles, cynicism, and feeling emotionally overwhelmed.  How do you assess burnout, track it, know its causes and actually deal with it?  We have an app. To help you with this as well.
Innovation and creativity
You do not have to born innovative and creative.  These skills can be taught.  The brain handles innovation and creativity in a way that we have designed a program to enhance innovation and measure the impact of these changes. 
Leadership 1, 2 and 3
This is a staged program that progressively introduces brain-based concepts in leadership to help leaders move through different competency levels to get to their goals.
Embedding a coaching capability
It helps to empower managers with coaching skills so that they can manage the execution of processes more effectively.  We can embed long-term capabilities in managers and lady era 100mg female viagra help to install methods and assessments as well as learning tools onto a centralized system that all managers can access.
Custom or not sure what you want?
If you are not sure what best fits your needs, simply set up a free consultation with us in person, by telephone or videoconference.






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