The NBG Brainstorming initiative involves disseminating knowledge about brain-based leadership. We also invite you to interact with this so that we know what you care about.

Our brainstorming initiative involves several forms of collaborative exchange.  Collective intelligence is not just something we preach- we practice this as well.  Here are our current initiatives:

Online weekly polling

Take our weekly online poll so that we can understand your needs and perspectives better. This is also a good opportunity to let off some steam!

Monthly webinars

NBG will host monthly webinars to help you address any emerging needs and issues related to highly relevant topics. See next webinar

Innovation Center

With headquarters located in Cambridge, MA, our pilot initiative with innovation will involve interacting with students, researchers and entrepreneurs and developers at MIT and Harvard.

NBG Kids

NBG has developed a series of children’s books called “Billi’s adventures with the brain” in order to target the brain’s of children to help empower them.  Children are just forming their habits, so sharing empowering strategies with children is part of our intelligence initiative.

White Papers

Biweekly white papers will summarize a relevant topic on the brain and business as well as results of our studies.   Our R&D department is focused on exploring relevant issues of interest to any business that wants to accelerate strategy or simply grow or maintain success.  See white papers

Interview of the month

We will interview a business leader or neuroscientist to help you gain a perspective on how brain science and human psychology alerts us to things we may not know in a series called “Leading Thinkers of The World.”


You will be able to connect with other leading world thinkers on connected with the site.