NBG strategies are built to last. With our built-to-last initiative, we leverage our knowledge of how the brain remembers information so that you can reap the benefits of new learning long after we have left.

NBG has launched a “built-to-last” initiative, which includes several preliminary offerings with many more to come.  For now, this is what we have in place:

Guaranteed follow-up

We offer a one-hour consultation and one day program included in the price of any training workshop or coaching assignment at the half-way mark.  Our trainers and coaches have found that even when workshops are great and inspiring, the effect rarely lasts.  For that reason, we have a “built to last” strategy, which will help to cement the learning in any program we offer.  For workshops and coaching, this complimentary check-in will occur 6 months after the initial delivery or at a point that you request.

Installed follow-up

With our revolutionary technology, we are able to install complimentary learning modules to help you remember what has been taught.  This involves looking at animations or diagrams of core learning with an option to request more if needed.

Thought leadership at its best

We have created a unique follow-up capacity to do the following:

  • allow leaders and employees to interact with online programs to cement learning for one year after the program has been completed
  • allow leaders and employees to work with coaches efficiently and effectively at the fraction of the cost of follow-up in-person coaching
  • allow thousands of frontline employees (e.g. sales) to benefit from online learning and help align the entire organization.